Walk and Run MockupWalk and Run Mockup


National Automotive Experts

While at National Automotive Experts, I had the opportunity to work on a very wide range of projects as part of the Graphics team. 
I crafted online and print advertisements for multiple clients, nationwide. I also managed customer projects from initial sketch to final approval to production file setup; included 2D and 3D products with a range of product materials. The above t-shirt was created for a charity walk benefiting the Cleveland Christian Home. 



While part of NAE, I collaborated closely with multiple departments to set up print files and troubleshoot production issues, including the creation of a desk calendar, handlettered cards, and magazine advertisements. 



One of the biggest projects I was part of, was the internal newsletter, the NAE Star. I was able to jump in soon after I joined NAE as an employee, and was able to be an intrigal part of the design and publishing of the newsletter. The aim of the newsletter was to improve morale and increase employee engagement, which we did through scanvenger hunts and contests.